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It Is the Most Glorious to Work Together for Creating a Clean Plant Environment
Date:2019-04-10 Author:Kangdaep Source:Kangdaep



-Report on the Cleaning Activity of Sewage Treatment Plant in Western Urban Wenzhou

In order to create a tidy, beautiful, civilized and clean environment for production and working, as well as improve staff's awareness of environmental protection, on the afternoon of March 26, 2019, Wenzhou Chuangyuan Water Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chuangyuan") implemented the cleaning activity within the plant with General Manager Yu Gang's commanding. Participants were grouped according to the unified arrangement. Following the principle that "specific area with specific cleaning tasks", heads of groups led the team to clean the underneath of three regions, namely, Magnetic Precipitation Room, Chlorination & Chemicals Supplementing Room, and Vortex-type Grit Chamber.

 At 13:30 that afternoon, the cleaning activity kicked off. Participants thoroughly cleaned the plant with emphases. With high enthusiasm for cleaning, all participants engaged in the activity with clear division of function, fully carrying forward the spirit of fearing neither hardship nor tiredness. Key operation areas were also tidied in an orderly manner: medicament was arranged fitly; sundries were moved away and washed clean; wastes were timely transported to refuse disposal site. The remnant wastes after construction and aged wood pallet were collectively moved to the roadside, which were disposed and recycled by underworkers. Although participants were sweating and tired after nearly three hours of cleaning together, they were satisfactory for the results, all with smiles on their faces. Through this group activity, the plant has basically created an environment without rubbish, scraps of paper or sundries. Being cleansed, beautified and brightened, the overall environment of the plant has taken on an entirely new outlook.

In addition to beautifying the plant appearance, and creating a tidy and comfortable environment for living and production, this collective activity has further enhanced staff's awareness of environmental protection, as well as boosted their group consciousness and team spirit, greatly contributing to the plant in establishing a tidy, beautiful and green new image of Chuangyuan.

According to information, this activity is stipulated to meet requirement of creating a clean plant environment based on theSecurity of Posts & Duties and Requirements of Responsible Cleaning Areaof Chuangyuan. Moreover, the company has issued institutions to further render quantitatively inspection to office & guarding area, dining hall and dormitory, so as to ensure a regular environment cleaning to consolidate the activity achievements.