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Employees in Xinzheng Region Learn the Technology and Operation of Biological Deodorization Equipment
Date:2019-07-05 Author:Kangdaep Source:Kangdaep



As of early June 2019, Kangda (Xinzheng) Water Co., Ltd. had basically completed the installation of biological deodorization equipment. On the afternoon of June 11, employees of Zhengzhou Xinzhongzhou Water Co., Ltd. and Kangda (Xinzheng) Water Co., Ltd. (except those on duty) were jointly trained about the process and operation of biological deodorization equipment, under the leadership of General Manager Li Qiwen and Deputy General Manager Ge Jinfeng.

The training session started with the detailed introduction by Zou Jiarong, Deputy Manager of the Installation and After-sales Service Department of Guangzhou New Earth Environmental Co., Ltd, to the theoretical knowledge of deodorization equipment, including process principle, equipment composition, operation process and safety precautions. Then, Zou led all the participants to the equipment site and explained the debugging, use and maintenance of equipment. Eager for knowledge, those employees actively participated in the training. They learned the operation procedures of deodorization equipment and also consulted on potential glitches. That lays a solid foundation for their future operations.

After nearly one week of debugging training by Deputy Manager Zou Jiarong, every operator in Xingang Plant acquired the abilities to operate equipment correctly and judge and solve basic signal faults independently. Currently, the biological deodorization system is in trial operation which has lasted for nearly half a month in a good condition.