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Project Opening Foundation Laying Ceremony of the Second Sewage Treatment Works in Dongping County Is Grandly Held
Date:2018-03-23 Author:Kangdaep Source:Kangdaep

On March 7, the Project Opening Foundation Laying Ceremony of the Second Sewage Treatment Works in Dongping County was grandly held at the project site, and was hosted by Wang Chengyuan, Director of Dongping County Economic Development Zone. Li Shengguang, the Deputy County Mayor of Dongping County Government participated in the ceremony and delivered an address. Hou Lin, Director of County Development and Reform Bureau, Chen Zhaojun, Director of Public Utilities Bureau, Wu Xukai from Dongping Sub-district Office, accompanied by Cai Hongzhi, General Manager of Construction Management Division of Kangda Group and Luan Tongjiang, General Manager of western Shandong Branch Office, participated in the Foundation Laying Cenermony, and the Management Committee of the Development Zone and related personnel from Dongping Sub-district Office participated in the ceremony.

First of all, General Manager Cai Hongzhi briefly introduced the preparation and construction of the project and delivered an address, expressing Kangda Group’s attaching great importance to the project and Kangda Group’s full confidence in the project; then, Deputy County Mayor Li Shengguang delivered an address for the opening of the project, narrating the significance of the construction of the second sewage treatment works of Dongping County, expressing the good wishes of the County Party Committee and the County Government towards the project, and also raising strict requirements for the implementation and landing of the project.

At 10:16, in a heated atmosphere of coloured ribbons and firecrackers, the major leaders participating in the ceremony laid the foundation for the project, laying a solid foundation for the project with actual actions. Till now, the project foundation laying ceremony was successfully finished, marking that the Dongping County Second Sewage Treatment Works has officially entered the construction phase after going through many trials and tests.