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Special Acceptance of Environment Protection of Upgrading & Reconstruction Project of Harbin Qunli Sewage Treatment Plant Successfully Passes
Date:2019-07-03 Author:Kangdaep Source:Kangdaep


 On the afternoon of June 30, 2019, the company established the special acceptance team for Harbin Qunli Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrading & Reconstruction Project to conduct acceptance inspection on environmental protection of the project.

The special acceptance team checked the EIA report and EIA approval, inspected the construction of environmental protection facilities of the project, and listened carefully to the introduction to and suggestions of the construction, debugging, trial operation and management of environmental protection facilities by EIA units, design units, construction units, supervision units, experts, the third-party testing unit and residents' representatives of surrounding communities.

After consultation, discussion and communication, the special acceptance team agreed that the construction, treatment and other measures of environmental protection facilities for Harbin Qunli Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrading & Reconstruction Project meet the requirements of EIA report and EIA approval. Therefore, it agreed to pass the environmental protection acceptance and issued a written environmental protection acceptance opinion at the same time.