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Occupational Physical Examination Escorts Enterprise Development
Date:2019-09-24 Author:Kangdaep Source:Kangdaep


On the morning of September 17 and 18, 2019, the front-line production employees of Zhengzhou Xinzhongzhou Water Co., Ltd., Xinzheng Xinkang Water Co., Ltd., and Kangda (Xinzheng) Water Co., Ltd. under the jurisdiction of Xinzheng City were divided into two batches to attend the occupational physical examination organized by the company in Xinzheng Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


Under the multilateral coordination of the enterprise leaders and full support of the General Department, the occupational physical examination provided by Xinzheng Center for Disease Control and Prevention is free for the employees of the affiliated enterprises in Xinzheng City, which carried out physical, electrocardiographic, hearing, vision and pulmonary function examinations for front-line production employees. The employees expressed their gratitude to the enterprise leaders for giving them the opportunity to have the physical examination, so that they can know about their health status timely, and work and live with their mind at ease. This physical examination shows that the enterprises attach great importance to employees' health, which strengthens employees' love for them, as well as the cohesive and centripetal forces, laying the foundation for the establishment of a good corporate image and the healthier development of the enterprises. Occupational physical examination is ultimately for the enterprise's escort!