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Dongying Plant Welcomes Shandong Provincial Audit Team for Inspection and Investigation
Date:2019-09-24 Author:Kangdaep Source:Kangdaep


On September 5, Shandong Provincial Audit Team went to Dongying Plant for investigation, and the plant superintendent Li Xin'ai and the director of the Operation Department Liu Jiajia accompanied in the whole process.

As the only sewage treatment enterprise in Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, Dongying Plant has become the focus of this investigation. During the investigation, the Audit Team first listened to the introduction of the department director Liu Jiajia on the basic situation of Dongying Plant, the whole production process, the water treatment quantity and so on, and emphatically checked the effluent water quality.

Then, director of the Urban Management Bureau Meng Weiqing and the staff of Dongying Plant accompanied the Audit Team to inspect the online monitoring platform of drainage and on-line monitoring data of effluent of enterprises in the Port Area, and answered the questions raised in this process in detail.

Finally, the Audit Team gave high remarks on the operation and management, as well as the reuse of treated water of Dongying Plant, at the same time, required the Plant to keep up the good work and make due contributions to the maintenance of the water environment.