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「Good News」 Kangda Intl. Environmental Co., Ltd.
Date:2019-03-26 Author:Kangdaep Source:Kangdaep

On March 23, the 17th Water Sector Strategic Forum 2019 hosted by E20 Environment Platform was held grandly in Beijing, stars of China's water industry gathered there again. At the forum, the winners of the "2018 Water Enterprises Selection", which has attracted much attention from the environmental protection industry, were announced ceremoniously on the spot. With the advantages of 27 years of professional focus on the water industry operation and services as well as the excellent performance in the industry over the years, Kangda Intl. Environmental Co., Ltd. (Kangda EP) won the title of the "Most Professional Water Operation Service Enterprise in 2018".

Since 2013, with excellent technical support, strong capital advantages and rich operational experiences, Kangda EP has been awarded China's water industry awards for several consecutive times with remarkable achievements in the industry, attracting much attention.

2019 marks the 70th founding anniversary of New China. It will be a crucial year for fighting against the pollution, and winning comprehensively to build a well-off society. It will also be a crucial year for the deepening reform and steady development of Kangda EP, thus the group should meet new challenges in the face of opportunities. We believe that with the continuous efforts of the group leaders and all the staff, and the strong support of partners from all sectors of society, Kangda EP will stride forward with vigorous steps, ride the winds and break the waves, and write a more brilliant chapter!