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Safety Production Emphasizes Actions
Date:2019-07-01 Author:Kangdaep Source:Kangdaep


This June marks the 18th "Safety Production Month", which is themed "Risk Prevention, Hidden Danger Elimination, and Accident Avoidance". In order to respond to the call of the country, impart fundamental fire-fighting knowledge to the staff, enhance their self-protection ability, learn the know-hows about emergency treatment & fire extinguishing to fire disasters, and orderly perform the emergency personnel evacuation, Suzhou Water Affairs organized the "Fire Emergency Drill" on June 13.

The drill was sectioned as scene simulation of fire evacuation and fire extinguishing drill for initial fire disasters, on which staff at the production lines and leaders of relevant departments were present. This fire drill has enhanced the firefighting awareness of staff, imparted the usage procedures and method of dry powder extinguishers and water base extinguishers to staff, and further strengthened staff's capability to deal with the sudden incidents.