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Independent non-executive Directors Mr. Peng Yongzhen

Mr. Peng, aged 65, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology* (哈爾濱工業大學) in May 1995 with a doctor degree in environmental engineering and was a seniorvisiting scholar in Gunma University (日本群馬大學) from October 1996 to April1997. Mr. Peng pr…


Independent non-executive Directors Mr. Chang Qing

Mr. Chang Qing (常清先生), aged 58, graduated from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences* (中國社會科學院) with a doctorate degree in agricultural economics and management in 2001, graduated from Jilin University (吉林大學) with both a master ’s degree i…


Executive Directors Mr. Zhao Junxian

Mr. Zhao Junxian (赵隽贤), aged 61, is the founder of our Group. He is our executive Director, and the chairman of the Board of our Company, responsible for strategic development and planning, overall operational management, market development and major de…