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Add a "Patch of Green" to the Plant
Date:2019-03-28 Author:Kangdaep Source:Kangdaep

In the spring of March, the grass is growing and birds are flying. Although the coldness of winter has not faded yet, the breath of spring with patches of green is coming to us. The spring breeze is steadily blowing the green buds on the branch, as well as the grass on the ground, arousing the enthusiasm of the staff in Linqing Guohuan Plant. On the afternoon of March 12, all the staff of Linqing Guohuan Plant held the annual Arbor Day activity in the plant.

The tree planting site was very bustling. According to the pre-grouping, all the staff got into the work of planting trees soon. Department cooperated with each other, some digging, some planting, and all of them planted earnestly and industriously. While planting trees, they learned about the species, growth cycles and survival rates of the trees planted this year, and the whole planting site presented a labor scene in full swing, with everyone fully enjoying the fun of the tree planting activity.

After an afternoon of efforts, our staff planted a total of more than 100 saplings, adding a "patch of green" for the spring of the plant. A year's plan starts with spring. Through the activities of this Arbor Day, we all fully feel the responsibility to protect the environment as well as our homes.