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Kangda Group Convenes the Office Meeting on Site of Fresh Water Sewage Treatment Works in Huiyang District, Huizhou City
Date:2018-03-23 Author:Kangdaep Source:Kangdaep

Currently, 90% of the main projects of the Fresh Water Sewage Treatment Works in Huiyang District, Huizhou have been finished. In order to ensure successfully conducting equipment installation and other subsequent work, on the morning of March 15, 2018, Kangda Group convened an on-site office meeting regarding equipment installation engineering drawing joint hearing and technological exchange at the Fresh Water Sewage Treatment Works in Huizhou, Guangdong. The meeting was hosted by Cai Hongzhi, General Manager of Water Affairs Construction Management Department of Kangda Group; representatives from the project company, Huiyang District Construction Bureau, Tianjin Municipal Design Institute, successful bidder companies of various equipment, supervision companies and project installment companies participated in the meeting.

General Manager Cai Hongzhi of Kangda Group pointed out that the fresh water project has entered a key period, the work period is tight and the tasks are heavy. Various units and departments needed to comprehensively coordinate and communicate, striving to deal with all problems in the early phase and ensure the equipment arrive at the site on time and are installed successfully, laying a solid foundation for water running by the end of June. General Manager Liu Boqiang of Yingzhihuang, Huizhou first expressed his gratitude to the hard-working contributions of front-line workers and all staffs and their efforts to accomplish the assignment given by the government to finish the trial operation of water running by the end of June. Meanwhile, he concluded the water affairs construction work in 2017, and demanded that various units continue to work hard in 2018 to strive forward together. Currently, the project has limited time. He hopes that various departments can try their best to cooperate in finishing the assignment and goal. The Construction Bureau has further made it clear the range and direction of work in the project, explicitly requiring the equipment be installed by the end of May, and open water by the end of June.

In the meeting, related personnel from successful bidder companies for various equipment came up with their advice and opinions for their own work, and Kangda Group, design institutes answered each question. The representatives participating in the meeting availed themselves of the opportunities to study and exchange their opinions in work. They all expressed that this meeting was much targeted, and they were inspired and bettered in terms of thinking and doing business to different extents.

Later, Kangda Group, Yingzhihuang, Tianjin Municipal Design Institute and related personnel from successful bidder companies for various equipment paid a study tour to the Phase I project site of Fresh Water Sewage Treatment Works of Huiyang District, Huizhou accompanied by the project company. And they also conducted on-site work regarding some questions and came up with specific solutions to ensure the equipment installation is conducted successfully according to plans and is implemented duly.