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Voluntary Tree Planting in the Splendid Spring— Kangda EP Group is Vigorously Engaged in Voluntary Tree Planting in 2018
Date:2018-03-19 Author:Kangdaep Source:Kangdaep

In the early spring in Chongqing, leaves have turned green and everything has come back to life. On the morning of March 12, the voluntary tree planning event themed on “green mountains as gold and silver” in Yubei District in 2018 was held in Nantianmen Village Forest Park, Xinglong Town. A total of 500 people attended the event including leaders of the Yubei District Forestry Bureau, persons in charge of relevant departments at the district level, and representatives from key state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in the district.

Kangda EP Group actively responded to the municipal government's call for voluntary tree planting in 2018 and actively participated in the large-scale land greening campaign and the implementation of the village rejuvenation strategic action plan in Yubei District. Duan Haiyan, Assistant President of the group and Director of the president’s office, and Zhu Tao, Deputy Director of the president’s office, along with over 18 volunteers from the functional departments, business departments, and subsidiaries (group), came to Nantianmen Village Forest Park in Xinglong Town of Yubei District for the event organized by the Afforestation Committee Office of Yubei District. With the event as an opportunity, Kangda EP Group carried out its voluntary tree planting event themed on “making the mountains green and safeguarding our beautiful hometown.”

The spring breeze was warm and refreshing, although it was a bit chilly in the early morning. Tree planting aroused high enthusiasm. People rolled up their sleeves and got themselves busy supporting the seedlings, waving the shovel, and filling the soil. Meanwhile, they discussed about the development of China, Chongqing and the enterprises. They expected to be practitioners and communicators of “green development with ecology first”, and make more contributions to making Chongqing more beautiful and higher spirit. The site was burning with ardor. As a result, 5,000 new seedlings of nanmu and camphor started to show their vigor in the new cultivation base.

On the same day, branches of the Kangda EP Group responded to the call and held various thematic activities. Shangqiu Branch carried out a four-day activity themed on “embracing the spring and planting green shoots”. Wanbei Branch launched the theme activity of “beautifying the environment and greening our homeland”. The eight water plants under the jurisdiction of Luxi Branch and various directly administered water plants also carried out related activities. Kangda EP Group has taken practical actions to implement the concept of “green mountains as gold and silver”, firmly persisted in giving priority to ecology and green development, and promoted the high-quality development of local environmental protection and economy.