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No.1 Sewage Treatment Plant of Zhengzhou Xinzhongzhou Water Co., Ltd. Successfully Completes the Laying of Sewage Pipeline Network
Date:2019-09-02 Author:Kangdaep Source:Kangdaep


Affected by Typhoon Lekima, the main inlet pipeline network of No.1 Sewage Treatment Plant (hereinafter referred to as "the Plant") of Zhengzhou Xinzhongzhou Water Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") collapsed and blocked the water flow on the morning of August 10, 2019.

Li Qiwen, General Manager of the Company and Li Guanghui, Deputy Director of the Plant immediately led a team to inspect the inlet sewage pipeline network, and reported this situation to relevant departments such as Xinzheng Urban Administration Bureau and Xinzheng Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection. After receiving the report, Xinzheng Municipal People's Government instantly launched an emergency plan. According to the instruction by leaders of Xinzheng Municipal People's Government, Xinzheng Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection was responsible for supervision and guidance, Xinzheng Municipal Emergency Management Bureau was responsible for on-site coordination, and Zhengzhou Xinzhongzhou Water Co., Ltd. was asked to give support to relevant departments like Xinzheng Municipal Urban Administration Bureau, Xinzheng Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau and sub-district offices. Leaders and employees of the Company assisted day and night to the repair work for collapsed pipeline network of emergency construction workers sent by Xinzheng Municipal Urban Administration Bureau. Meanwhile, the treatment system of the Company shut down due to the interruption of incoming water caused by pipeline network collapse. After four days and four nights of hard work, the water flow was successfully intercepted at 22:40 on August 13. The Company temporarily used two high-power pumps to pump water, which ensured the continuity of inflow and minimized the loss of the Company. Through tireless efforts by all parties, the laying of sewage pipeline network was completed and the network was fully put into operation on the evening of August 16. The response to this emergency shows that leaders of the Company have conducted down-to-earth work on emergency education for employees, and that leaders and employees are capable of dealing with emergencies in reality.